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Monday, April 10, 2006

had enough 60 bugs yet???

i didn't think so! more kind words today over at blogging baby and posh and pretty. where are people finding out about 60 bugs?? it's kind of freaking me out. in a good way, of course. heh.

EDIT: i'm a little irked to see that that same woman that commented on cool mom picks about 60 bugs also commented on blogging baby. what the fuck? am i being too sensitive or is she being a jerk? she always follows up her "oh i can do that and so can you if you buy sublime stitching patterns" bullshit with something nice. seriously, what the fuck is up with that? should i email her? CEASE AND DESIST, BITCH. gah, i really don't have time for drama right now. i'm too busy with orders from nice people! huh. i think she wishes she had thought of 60 bugs. as jack would say, too bad, so sad. yes, i taught him how to say that. so i'm immature! i don't deserve assholes talking shit about me! do i?


Blogger Chair said...

Don't sweat it. It's one thing for a person to be all 'well anyone can do that' and it's another thing to do it. The demand you're getting should be enough of an indication of what the bottom line is: you do a kick ass job and people appreciate it and want to pay money for it. If one person is jealous, what good does it do her to make snarky remarks about you? She should get off her arse and DO it before she has any justification in judging your work. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about in terms of competition!!!

4:31 PM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

She seriously commented again about the same frickin' thing? Dude, she's pissing me off!

7:14 PM


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