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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

more bloggy 60 bugs pimpage

from the swell folks over at cool mom picks. so the woman commenting about the similarity of the designs i use to sublime stitching's (just stopping short of saying that i stole them, basically) got me hyperventilating a little bit, 'cause i had a little anxiety about using someone else's designs in the first place, you know? but i am, indeed, a licensed sublime stitching merchant, so there's no reason to panic. i love jenny hart and sublime stitching's designs, and i enjoy using them. i could make my own -- and i do use some of my own -- but why? the patterns are exactly what i want to stitch up, so it seems redundant. call me lazy, but how many different ways can i draw a drumkit? or a skull and crossbones? or a cowbell?? heh, i sound like i'm freaking out, but i'm really not. i'm helping to support what sublime stitching is doing, as well as what i'm doing, so it's a win-win situation. it just makes me feel a little icky that someone basically came out to say, hey, i can do that myself with those patterns! which then makes me feel like, why would anyone want to buy something they could make themselves?? hello, insecurity! heh. anyway, i thought it was very nice that the cool mom picks reviewer came to my rescue with her comment. judging by the number of orders i've received in the few short weeks i've been in business, i'd say that there are more people out there who do not feel inclined to pick up a needle and stitch something themselves, than there are who do. good for me! and for sublime stitching!

ps: thanks gingajoy, for suggesting 60 bugs to the cool moms. it sounds like maybe a few other moms did the same thing! so nice.


Anonymous Kristen (Coolmompicks) said...

Debbie ~

No worries. DIYs are great - but seriously, I'm all about paying for stuff - my mantra is "make life easier" - We actually found you through an ad something on Amalah or somewhere... and then Ginajoy and a few others emailed us as well.

They're fabulous! Rock on. :)

9:47 PM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

That was just petty of her to "tell" on you. You never tried to hide the fact. I tried making my own and it ended up in the trash. So I prefer to hand 60bugs my credit card!

7:14 AM

Blogger debbie said...

thanks kristen and mamac-ta. i know 60 bugs is the shit (heh), just thought the comment was really uncalled for, especially considering the circumstances. i thought about commenting something back, but knew that it would just get ugly. yes, i am the bigger person. heh.

10:34 PM


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