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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

bitchfest 2005

grump grump grump

i think i'm getting a cold.

cramps suck.

cramps when you're hungry for brownies but can't have them SUCK MORE.

a 13 month old who can zero in on the tiniest speck of crap or crumb on the floor and then try to eat it is in danger of GETTING ON MY LAST FUCKING NERVE.

how is it that artificial sweeteners do not taste better?? *sniff* it's making me want to give up coffee, which would really be a bad thing for anyone who has to deal with me in the morning! i don't get how people use it so freely -- are their tastebuds dead??

i feel so lame that i have nothing better to write about.

damn, this south beach shit involves a lot of cooking! cooking is something i just don't have time for -- all the prepwork, the actual cooking, the cleaning up. nate ain't gonna sit quietly reading a book while i do all this shit, you know!

grump grump grump


Blogger mighty said...

are you using splenda?

i can't eat normal sugar, it tastes to sweet.....

have you started snacking on the sugar free jello?

what about the spinach for breakfast? mmmmmmm

8:38 AM

Blogger debbie said...

i've decided that i like equal more than splenda -- and only half a packet, because a whole packet is just too disgusting. blech, maybe i'm hypersensitive to creppy, chemical tasting stuff...

um, the sugar free jello is okay if i'm desperate, but it's till got that creepy chemically sweetness!

i haven't found the time to prepare spinach for breakfast yet. i'm too busy, making kids breakfast, packing lunchboxes, brushing teeth, getting kids dressed. it's really making this diet harder than it should be.

9:52 AM

Blogger mighty said...

the chemical flavor or after taste will go away eventually...
the preparation of food, is a big part of the diet, the act of preparing the food is almost like exercise.

again good luck....

10:09 AM

Blogger ALVenable said...


I hope you didn't pick up the kind of cold I currently have. It sucks ass!!

12:41 PM


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