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Sunday, June 05, 2005

the slacker curse

not only did this weekend get fucked by stomach viruses most putrid and foul -- i will spare you the details of my 48-hour nightmare -- but here it is, sunday, and we have yet to accomplish ANYTHING. i guess the fact that we've all been feeling like shit makes it excusable, but NO. there are many THINGS TO BE DONE and NOT MUCH TIME TO DO THEM. [this is the part where i rue the fact that i was born a slacker and will probably die a slacker yadda yadda yadda...] having two kids to take care of has put a slight crimp in the true lay-around-and-do-nothing part of my slacker lifestyle, but i can still put things off and let things go like nobody's business! seriously, it's just who i am. it can't be helped. oddly enough, i have an ongoing love affair with checklists -- nevermind the fact that i rarely check off everything on the list! it usually gets lost in a sea of clutter before that can happen. heh.

needs to be done:

-clean yard before Rock-n-Romp in 6 DAYS.

-finally put up those damn flyers i keep printing and misplacing BEFORE RnR in 6 DAYS.

-finish cleaning out the linen closets. (what do you think the life expectancy of a bath towel is? i've just realized that the majority of our towels/bed linens we both acquired pre-us. they're not ratty or anything, but some are a good 5-10 years old, and some parts of the sets are missing. i think we need new ones, but that's my answer for everything. plus, it's like, "my ex-husband probably used that towel you're drying your ass with!" heh.)

-finish "manual" with important phone numbers, addresses and directions and calendar of important events for chris to help her with all the details of taking care of the boys while we are in ireland.

-firm up our itinerary for ireland BEFORE we leave in 13 DAYS.

-get together with lucia and mike to discuss details of trip BEFORE we leave in 13 DAYS.

-figure out what food to take to jack's end of school graduation/celebration potluck that takes place in 7 DAYS.

-find a green shirt for jack to wear to the school potluck because if he doesn't wear one he will obviously fuck up the long hard planning of some performance piece involving dancing and singing in spanish where most, if not all, of the kids will be screwing around or sheepishly looking at the audience with their fingers in their noses or mouths instead of dancing and singing so who the hell cares if they're all wearing green anyway?? oh, in 7 DAYS.

-find david some new glasses (for the love of god) BEFORE OUR TRIP IN 13 DAYS. i've finally gotten tired of looking at lenses scratched and smudged to hell instead of his eyes, and it's getting on my nerves! i'm an optician for fuck's sake! i can't live with someone wearing glasses like that! but that fact is also making it REAL hard to pay retail -- holy shit, decent eyewear is expensive!

-dig out luggage and plan what to pack before the night before we leave for ireland in 13 DAYS.

i'm forgetting something, i know i am. but more importantly, how the hell did this trip sneak up so fast?? and school is out after NEXT WEEK? fuck! but also, why have i never typed a list this way before? my rushed scribbling on stray pieces of half-used paper or the backs of receipts always seemed like a good idea, but this is so much better!

let's hope i get some of this shit done, eh?


Blogger sweetney said...

dude, you're leaving for ireland in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!??!

jesus. guess i'd better hurry up and reply to your email(s). heh.

--she who is known to procrastinate quite a bit herself, as you are well aware.

1:05 PM


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