it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Sunday, July 17, 2005


i suppose every mother of more than one child has this experience at some point or another, and hopefully without too much excitement and/or guilt: jack is at grammy's house ALL WEEK and i feel like i've been given a new lease on life! whee! heh. yes, i've still got the wee nate around, but this is what i'm talking about: i never thought i'd feel like taking care of one instead of two would feel so much lke a vacation! i know you first-timers don't want to hear this shit but, DAMN, taking care of a baby is pretty easy! no backtalking, no fake-crying and whining, no colossal messes left in their wake! don't get me wrong, i love that boy to death, but he can be one annoying little fucker if we're together all day long. oh! and with babies you can cuss your fucking heart out! dave and i have increased our cussing at least tenfold since jack's been gone. god, we're immature.


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