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Monday, July 11, 2005

i'm starting a new club

it's called Mothers Who Cuss (it was going to be Mothers Who Swear Like Sailors, but i've always said "cuss" instead of "swear" so wanted to be true to myself. plus, the MWC sounds better than the MWSLS, no?) i've found that i tend to size up the friend-potential of other parents i randomly meet by a few things (keep in mind that i am ridiculously critical and that my obsession over small details is, well, obsessive):

1. do they look like they could be republican?
2. do they have *any* sense of style?
3. do they look like they have any knowledge of cool music?
4. do they look like they would be shocked if i dropped an F-bomb?
5. do they look like *they* would drop an F-bomb?

call me crazy and narrowminded, but it's true! in the course of my 35 years, i've realized that i cannot truly be comfortable around anyone who is not tolerant of cussing or an active cusser. as much as i tend to do whatever the fuck i want and not care about what people think, i am too polite a person to cuss around certain types of people -- i don't cuss to offend! i cuss to express my feelings. heh. it does surprise me when i meet people who are roughly my age or younger that don't cuss. i'm like, where did you grow up?? did we not watch the same tv shows and movies growing up? so anyway, instead of try to "grow up" and stop using foul language, i've decided that i should surround myself with likeminded (mouthed?) people.

so, the MWC! who wants to join??


Anonymous MB said...

Fuck yeah.

8:15 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Nice diatribe on impolite word choices. I totally agree. Those who cannot utter the ununtterable, or who hesitate to do so are worthy of suspicion.

11:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cursing is the manifestation of an inarticulate mind attempting to express itself forcefully.

12:18 AM


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