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Friday, July 08, 2005

feeling horribly remiss

so i started to write something about the horrific tragedy in london yesterday, but stopped. i'm not terribly articulate when it comes to expressing my feelings in the first place, and everything i could think of saying just didn't seem fitting.

our world has become a terrifying and maddening place. it makes me sad and it makes me sick. when can i move my family to mars?


Blogger Alex said...

it's all about perspective. In our time, we have occasional terrorist strikes, which are certainly horrible, but how many people do they really affect? What we don't have is people like Hitler and Stalin killing tens of millions of people, and huge wars which engulf half the world, and we no longer have "Mutually Assured Destruction" as our official policy. Life has gotten better in more ways than it's gotten worse. If terrorism seems scary, it's because the media has brought it right into your living room. But really, the odds of it happening to you and your loved ones are very, very low. So switch off the TV, and enjoy life. That is all you can do.

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