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Sunday, January 15, 2006


because it is my nature, i have become totally obsessed with myspace lately. see, this is what i do: join something, start something, whatever, become totally engrossed for a while, get distracted by something else, drop the first thing for a few months, then stumble back across it with renewed interest. for a few months, anyway. but this time, i need to make this myspace thing work like i know it can for Rock-n-Romp. i'm hoping this year (our FIFTH year!) is going to be the biggest and best. we've got a new awesome website design on the horizon (thanks to sweetney's connections) and we're hoping to officially become a non-profit so we can get funds from generous organizations to make things bigger and better. pretty sweet. oh, i'm going off on tangents here. the whole point of this post was pimpin'. sorry, i got distracted.

it's very possible that i'm totally late to the game on this one, but i wonder if folks know how much great music is available to them on myspace. bands and musicians from all over the world have myspace pages where they put up songs and info on shows and ways to buy their cd. whoever came up with this myspace thing is really a friggin' genius. you can even search your specific town or city to see what local music is out there, which i am finding to be the greatest thing ever. RnR has always been about championing local music because we know what it's like for unsigned artists to get their name out there or to get a few people to go to their show without looking desperate, or to even get a show somewhere. yes, even a cool city such as washington dc [snort] has an abominable band : decent venue ratio, though it is getting better. i'm not saying that all of these bands are worthy of national attention or anything, but there are quite a few that are really, really good and, in my opinion, could go far if given the opportunity. so that's what i'm pimpin' today: local music on myspace. have a listen and maybe you'll like something! come on, don't be such a snob! heh.
  • georgie james - i am so digging this right now. laura burhenn (the prettier, blonder half of the duo) played a romp last summer and she was really great, and john davis was in the late DC fave Q and not U. the only reason i even found out they were working together is because i got a sneak preview of the song they contributed to my friend kim's kiddie compilation coming out this summer. i am so out of the loop on this kind of shit.
  • nethers - these kids are great. they used to be in this garagey, raucous band called the carlsonics, which makes their switch to the hauntingly beautiful songs they play now pretty amazing.
  • the aquarium - okay, the song they have up does NOT do them justice. they are so awesome live, i don't really know how to describe it. go to their website and listen to their other mp3s. hopefully they'll have a full-length release someday soon!
  • eyeball skeleton - if you have kids, i swear to you, if you buy this cd and play it around them they will love it. and sing along with it. ALL the time. dudes! it's better than barney or dora! these boys are the sweetest and have the best manners -- they just look like little hooligans in their baggy shirts and pants and skate shoes. seriously, they make me look forward to when jack and nate are their age. and they ROCK!
  • supersystem - holy crap, i love me some supersystem. you will, too, if you like dancey electro-rock-type crap.
  • hi ho six shooter! - these boys are gosh-darn cute. and YOUNG. romping with them last year didn't work out, but i'm hoping this year will.

okay, so the thing is, i could totally do this all day and link to all of the bands on my myspace page, which is kinda dumb because you can just go there and see them yourself, so i'll stop now. the ones above are my current favorites, but you can trust my discriminating tastes, and know that most all of the ones on the RnR myspace page are pretty damn good. happy listening!


Anonymous jess said...

I love MySpace. For me, MySpace and audioscrobbler have completed music nirvana.

I wanna have an RnR! I somehow can't see the farmers coming.

11:48 AM

Blogger debbie said...

jess, are you terribly far from civilization? like, hours away? 'cause if you're not, i'd bet you could get a decent turnout for RnR::canada-style! don't underestimate the power of the music.

man, what i wouldn't give to have a farm or a bunch of land to hold romps on! that would be awesome.

1:11 PM

Blogger sweetney said...

oh shit! i have to ask bill about that site thing!

1:05 PM

Blogger sweetney said...

okay, email sent to bill.

and when is the 60bugs site going up, dude? i have customers for you! people need your shit!

1:07 PM


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