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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

that does it

i accept defeat. i am officially the lamest of the motherfucking lame. i am so unbelievably unhip to what's fresh and exciting and cool it is pathetic. thank you, FOX. last night as i finished up some custom stitchwork, i caught some of FOX news. no, i'm not in the habit of watching FOX news, it's just i didn't want to watch the law and order show about the woman killing her babies because they were fathered by her own father, and stitching is not conducive to channel-surfing. ANYWAY. this one news dude that irritates me starts reporting live from JAXX (scary, metal-type rock club) in virginia about a superfantastic new webtool for unknown bands to get exposure! know what it's called?? yup. myspace. see post below. god, how did i get so late on this shit?? anyway, he went on and on and on, and they even went to the trouble of shooting footage at another club, the velvet lounge in DC, to talk to some other bands about their myspace experiences. i mean, this was a pretty extensive piece! why on earth would they take up so much time and effort on something like myspace, you ask? they 'fessed up at the end that FOX had just purchased myspace. fuckers.


Blogger supa said...

fuckers indeed.

anyway, FOX is lame. You are not. End of sentence.

12:18 AM

Blogger supa said...

p.s. Yes, I said "end of sentence," and no, I don't know what that's supposed to actually mean. But I think you get the drift.

12:19 AM


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