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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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yeah yeah yeahs - way out

off the new album show your bones. i am attempting to break out of my non-new-music-buying shell, but it's hard. i like to play this album back-to-back with duran duran. heh. my sweetie-pie friend paige knows all the cool, new music and writes about it so well, and i remember her posting something about this album a few months ago, so thought what the hell. to be honest, i like the idea of karen o more than i actually like karen o --don't even get me started on that ridiculous bowl haircut she's sporting now -- but i gotta say, i think this album is growing on me. natey seems to like it, anyway.


Anonymous weaker vessel said...

So feeling you on the Karen O. Theory vs. Reality. The abstract concept of her is so cool; the reality? Very hit or miss. I love the cover art of SYB so much that I haven't even opened it to listen to it yet.

12:55 PM


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