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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

top 5 things i've wanted to blog about but haven't had time

  1. how much i love listening to the eurythmics, big audio dynamite, echo and the bunnymen and REM while i'm stitching. i've considered including a free gift CD with orders entitled The Soundtrack to Your 60 bugs Shirt, but am pretty sure that would just frighten people.
  2. natey's unbelievable language explosion. he is talking. and talking and talking. it is so freakin' adorable it hurts my heart a little to hear his sweet voice. even when he's being belligerent and saying NO i can't help but smile. dave has taught him to say mini me, because he likes to think that nate looks just like him. while i might not completely agree, it doen't stop me from getting him to say it many times during the day. i am so grateful that his speech delay issues seem to be resolving themselves.
  3. disneyland! it seems like it was forever ago! it was FUN. jack was so great about the whole exhausting ordeal, it made me quite proud. perhaps i'll write more about it later.
  4. jack's back in ft. lauderdale for spring break this year. heh. kidding! he's back at grammy's house FOR THE WHOLE DAMN WEEK. um, people reading this who have one kid? your life is a CAKEWALK. heh. he wanted to go, and is having a fantastic time, so i only feel slightly guilty. it sure is nice to have just one little monkey to corral while i'm so busy, though.
  5. i think i need to find a sitter for a few hours a week. true to form, i neglected to have a real plan as to how i was going to find time to work on 60 bugs. right now it's basically whenever i can, which isn't so bad, but i've got this dang craft show coming up and i need to have a good assortment of pieces to take. ugh.

oh and then there's that whole grup thing below, which i swear has been on my mind for a while now. specifically the whole clothes thing. i've always been a clothes whore -- since i was wee -- but i just kinda feel like i'm too old to wear certain things. why i have that old-fashioned notion, i don't know. i love funky and interesting clothes. i think that's just a part of who i am. it always will be, i suppose. ah, fuck it. they're just clothes, right? i'm not running around wearing micro minis or crop tops and shit. i would never wear something that would embarrass my kids or (more importantly!) myself. but please, dudes, if i'm 60 and running around looking like betsey johnson, whose clothes i have been known to wear on occasion, don't hesitate to throttle me.


Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

LOL Betsy Johnson. I used to idolize her now, kinda scary to me. And hell, I'd be rocking out if I got a soundtrack to my order!

5:53 PM


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