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Friday, April 14, 2006

so so so so so so

SO busy! ack! have you ever been so busy making money that you didn't have time to spend it? until now, my answer would have been HELL NO. that kind of job is for suckers! heh. this is a dilemma, people. i like to spend money. i want to spend money. i know i shouldn't complain about being busy with 60 bugs, and i will probably complain even more loudly when i'm not busy with 60 bugs, but the fact is I AM TOO BUSY. at this very moment, i am too busy. can someone add a few extra hours to the day, please? yes, even i am not happy about the direction this blargh is taking. i promise to not bitch this week anymore. see you monday!

EDIT: lest i sound like a totally ungrateful jerk, i must say that i am really happy and excited and amazed that 60 bugs business is booming. really! i am! i'm just feeling a little overwhelmed (hmmm, what time of the month is it?) because i'm working my ass off doing orders PLUS getting stuff stitched up for the craft show NEXT SATURDAY. what can i say, planning in advance has never been my forte.


Anonymous jess said...

Way to go! You totally deserve this! Perhaps you will make enough money to go to blogher?

10:34 AM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

I posted your review today ;)

7:35 AM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

crap my link didn't work:

7:35 AM


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