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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


YES! first, let me say thanks to you ladies who offered words of encouragement over my crafty predicament. things continued to get testy via the listserv, and i finally convinced others that we needed to break free from the oppressive dictatorship of SAHMs Who Craft Ugly Things And Wear Mom Jeans! we are starting our own collective, and i am beyond happy. check out these cool chicks and their wares:

awesome stuff, yes?? these are the confirmed members of the new collective, and i'm hoping there will be a few more very soon. so now we just need a name, because there is an amazing opportunity for heidi from my paper crane to be on a DIY network show with some other crafty friends to promote the group, and they need to know the group name! like NOW! give me some suggestions, dudes. i know you all are creative and shit. here are my least lame ideas so far:

  • Indie Craft Brigade (or just Craft Brigade)
  • Craft Mutiny! (something pirate-y would kick ass)

uhhh, i guess that's all i got. thoughts? ideas? suggestions?


Anonymous supa said...

Craft Brigade. Vaguely militant. I like it.

I totally missed all this shit going down but good for you for doing what you need to do.

Gonna go check out these links now.

7:07 PM


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