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Saturday, May 27, 2006

paper planes don't loop

it looks better than a straight line, though.

check out my latest creation. over the winter i schemed stitching on cute velvet mary janes, but life was too hectic to try it. i'm quite pleased with the results! i remember my first pair of cheap, black cotton chinese mary janes in high school. god, where did i get those? i don't even remember, but they were the perfect accessory for my gothy-punky-new-waver, all-black wardrobe. i actually preferred the boy version, and when i bought this red pair, saw that they make them in kiddie sizes! whee! so jack and nate have been sporting their mini karate shoes everywhere. fucking adorable. there's been a lot of "HI-YA!"ing going on in this house lately. heh. so i think it's safe to say that this will be my new obsession, stitching on shoes. so many colors! so many sizes (yes, they make baby sizes)! awesome. if you want a pair and have an idea for a design, you know where to reach me.


Anonymous jess said...

so freakin awesome! i want some for my kids.

10:27 AM

Anonymous Editrix said...

Such adorable kicks! I love the design. And thanks for reminding me of my own youthful fondness for black Chinese Mary Janes. (It's a wonder my arches didn't fall as a teenager/young adult!)

12:31 PM


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