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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i just don't know if i can handle that kind of rejection*

this week we are waiting to hear if jack got into the fantastic spanish immersion program offered by the county school system. we've also applied for the french immersion program, but spanish is obviously our first choice because that is what he has been learning for the past 3 years. plus, the spanish immersion program is highly coveted because it lasts through high school, and is taught in three (elementary, middle, high) of the best schools in the area. so yeah. i'm pretty much freaking out right now. it's a total lottery system, so no kid is rejected for any other reason than the luck of the draw, but i hate this shit because I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. seriously! and this is important, so the randomness of the selection kind of sucks. jack deserves to go! gah, i need to just deal with whatever happens. i need to work on my "it's okay, sweetie, french is going to be fun!" speech. and, speaking of which, the french immersion program is taught in the school down the street, so the walking factor would be sweet. and, on the off chance he doesn't get into the french immersion program, the school down the street also offers all students what they call the academy program, which pushes math and science. so, really, any program he is in will be good. no, any program will be GREAT, because we are lucky to have great schools in our area. even so, if he goes to the school down the street, it's still going to feel like he's getting the short end of the stick.

dudes, how the fuck am i going to handle college applications??

*from the excellent toy story, which has all its dialogue permanently etched into my brain. why don't they make a toy story 3?? no, really. i want to know.


Blogger mel said...

hi, i've never commented because well, i'm weird like that. nevertheless, i had to delurk because i am a product of the montgomery county immersion program and was psyched to see that you're considering it for your son. so now you're even cooler to me than you used to be!

much luck to you, i hope it turns out for the best.

11:52 AM

Anonymous Michelle/weaker vessel said...

Good espanol vibes from alabamy.

10:01 AM

Anonymous lildb said...

hilarious. we've just begun discussing the school issue/applications for said schools for our nine-month-old son.


oh, and btw, I know you got there first, but our son's name is Jack, too. 'kay, I'm starting to think you're my east-coast doppelganger. ;p

12:04 PM


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