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Monday, May 08, 2006

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love and rockets - kundalini express

when this album came out 20 years ago, i'd listen to it regularly -- it's really damn good. this song is all about transcendentalism and reaching that "higher plane," blahblah bullshit. heh. what can i say, i'm too wound up and cynical to believe in such things now. but i still enjoy listening to it even though now, two decades old, it has lost any spiritual meaning it may have had for 16-year-old me, and has instead become the perfect vehicle for nate and i to yell "WHOO! WHOO!" as loud as we can. it is about a train, after all.


Anonymous Editrix said...

I was going to say that that song (hell, the whole album) was a guilty pleasure, but screw "guilty" -- I still love it. Chf chf chf chf!

12:11 PM

Anonymous Michelle/weaker vessel said...

I was a high school Earth, Sun, Moon obsessive. I'll have to give Express a shot.

11:50 AM

Blogger Alex said...

Now I know what I'm going bring to listen to at work today, thanks. :)

6:48 AM


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