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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

kindergarten roundup

jack did not get into the spanish immersion program. or the french immersion program. motherfuckers! did i not say that i don't handle rejection well? heh. so today we went to the academy program's kindergarten roundup, where jack got to do a project in the classroom while dave and i filled out paperwork. it's still kind of unbelievable that i have a child that will be going to school! real school! where there are no naps, no one to wipe your butt, you eat in the cafeteria, you go on field pretty crazy. we had a sweet, 5 minute walk from the house to school, which will be our daily ritual come fall. as we were walking i wondered when i would ever feel comfortable letting him walk by himself. NEVER! heh. no, seriously, i don't know. i'm so fucking paranoid, i'd probably stand on the curb and watch him or something, even though the school is literally down the street from us.

so that's that. school. jack is really into it, so i'm happy no matter what program he's in. really! doesn't sound like me, huh?

i've been feeling really uninspired as far as blogging goes, friends. i'm boring you , i know. bear with me.


Blogger Chair said...


Dude I got my (Theya's) t-shirt the other day and it totally RAWKS!! I haven't taken any photos yet, though (too warm for sleeves the past couple of days) but you can bet your bibbybobkas that I'll send them to you when I do.


11:51 AM

Anonymous supa said...

Ach, I'm sorry he didn't get into the program you wanted.

But I am really happy for you to have a school y'all can walk to. That sounds nice.

12:56 PM


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