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Saturday, June 03, 2006

in my perfect world

chubby, sausage-like upper arms would be HOT. especially on display when one's wearing a tank top or other sleeveless garment when it's sticky outside. and a little poochy mommy gut wouldn't detract from the way low rise bottoms look. oh no, not at all. in fact, a little foldover action when you're sitting would be quite attractive. oh, and that totally natural, make-up free look would be incredibly alluring. if you've got a few glaring zits and stray eyebrow hairs, even better! the zits and stray hairs wouldn't necessarily be attractive, but they wouldn't detract from your carefree look, either. they would be like freckles or a mole or something. natural things that you find occasionally on people's faces. nothing to be ashamed of or covered up with sunglasses or layers of concealer. oh and, most importantly, no one would have any hang-ups about the way they look in my perfect world. AND NO ONE WOULD HAVE PERIODS. oh okay, i guess just I wouldn't have a period. or hormonal shifts. OF ANY KIND.

SIGH. it's been a rough, premenstrual day, people.


Anonymous jess said...

i would totally live in your world as long as cold sores would be okay too. Actually cold sores, zits and eyebrows in need of waxing.

6:52 PM

Blogger lildb said...

I would happily move to your world, if I didn't already live there.

'cause I have all the flaws and I say, screw anybody who takes issue with my flaws. (iow, screw me.)

5:52 PM


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