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Thursday, June 01, 2006

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echo and the bunnymen - never stop

holy shit this song is fucking good. seriously. totally pretentious 80s new wave with cello and violins and an infectious beat and truly poetic lyrics. oh and can't forget totally yummy ian mcculloch. SIGH. it doesn't even bother me that the creepy singer from the goo goo dolls also loves this song and requested it for the VH1 classic video jukebox, which is why i am listening to it now. i must thank you, creepy goo goo dolls singer, for requesting this song. i can't believe i'd never seen the video before! dudes, it's no wonder i was madly in love with them 20 years ago. HOT.


Anonymous jess said...

Sigh. I loved Echo and the Bunnymen. The album cover with the song "Lips like Sugar" is permanently etched in my brain.

hanks for the link!

11:08 PM

Blogger lildb said...

how is that I can go for long spans of time without remembering my love for E and the Bmen?

thanks for the reminder, man. :)

5:50 PM


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