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Friday, May 13, 2005

candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker

it pains me to say this, but i'm starting to think that the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is going to be a pale imitation of the original. i still eagerly await it's premiere, though, because johnny depp is in it. JOHNNY DEPP. the man can do no wrong in my book -- he's hot, quirky, an ex-patriot -- what's not to love?? but i also love this story and the original movie, and i fear that he was not the best choice to play willy wonka. gene wilder was just SO brilliant in the willy wonka role. there was no reaching in his performance -- he really brought the character to life. in watching the trailer it seems like johnny is just going for an over-the-top, uber-eccentric version of wonka. granted the trailer is only 30ish seconds, but i'm going to stand by my assessment until i can see the whole thing. and the teeth! what's with the teeth?? oh, you have to watch it to see what i'm talking about. sometimes i wish i weren't cursed with the obsession over details.


Blogger ALVenable said...

Movie outing! Movie outing!

12:57 PM

Blogger Alex said...

I never saw the movie. That was one of the awesomest books ever!

5:14 AM


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