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Friday, May 13, 2005

could i love this boy ANY more??

nate is fulfilling his destiny as a member of this household and embracing the hilarity of all bodily functions. today he was sitting on the floor and let out a healthy burp -- more soda- than beer-like, but still pretty impressive. as i looked at him and laughed, as i am wont to do whenever anyone burps, he looked back and smiled and burped again! this made me laugh more, which got the old gears in his head working and he started laughing, looked me in the eye to make sure i was paying attention, and attempted a hat trick! alas, all he could muster was a dull sounding "UH." how cute is that?? 14 months old and already trying to impress the ladies! maybe he'll be the son who brings his dear mother presents just for the hell of it.


Anonymous MB said...

Your boys sound like such fun! I hope Owen has as much of a sense of humor as Bootyman and The Big Burper.

7:08 PM


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