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Friday, January 20, 2006

i think i just peed in my pants

nate just said, "poo poo," and i got more excited than any sane person should have. i squealed and clapped and basically had a pep rally to get him to do it again. fuck, he's goddamn cute when he talks, which is pretty much never, so i think a pep rally is justified. maybe this is the beginning of some hardcore talking! i hope so. he's, what, 22 months now and still not talking much AT ALL. *sigh* i probably wished jack would shut the hell up when he was 22 months! i think when i finally hear natey's voice (will it be as i imagine?) i really will pee in my pants.


Anonymous jess said...

I totally know what you're saying! My oldest talked in complete jibberish until she was 2 and a bit. Then the words flowed and it was magical.

I pee my pants all the time.

11:04 AM


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