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Thursday, April 20, 2006

top 5 things i want to bitch about but i'm biting my tongue because i'm trying to turn over a new leaf

i mean, even i find the constant bitchfest boring, so i can only imagine how you must feel. but anyway, this list is relevant to my life this week, so bear with me.

  1. my friend just informed me that my recently found, totally awesome hairstylist has moved to ocean city. FUCK ME.
  2. the weather is absolutely fabulous (in the 80s and sunny today) but i am holed up stitching my ass off. that's a funny visual, eh?
  3. i am stitching my ass off for this cool craft show on saturday, when it is guaranteed to be a rainy, crappy day. do people go to craft shows outdoors when it's raining?? FUCK ME. oh, i said that already. sorry.
  4. jack has turned into some kind of demon child, and we are having major discipline issues. i'm having a tough time containing my displeasure at his behavior, but he obviously has some kind of superpower which makes him impervious to yelling and timeouts. FU....oh, nevermind.
  5. my supercool friend is moving across the country, and i don't think i'm going to be able to see her because i'm too fucking busy stitching my ass off and various other scheduling issues. this does give me a reason to check out portland in the future, though.

so yeah, whee! in more pleasant news, my sweet friend mamac-ta said very nice things about 60 bugs yesterday on her new site urban baby runway, which made me feel good. see? i'm not all bitching and moaning all the time! heh. just most of the time.


Blogger ALVenable said...

Hey Debbie! Greetings from BWI! The first leg of my flight boards in about 40 minutes.

Bummer we weren't able to hang out, but I know a great martini bar in Portland that we can check out when you visit. :)

Congrats on your continued 60 bugs success...I know there will be some bumps along the way, but I also know you'll do very well!

3:12 PM


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