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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

um, men? you might want to skip this one...

so, ladies? give it to me straight: do any of you know when you're ovulating? like, know precisely when you're ovulating? I DO. and it's freaking me out! i know that mittelschmerz is quite common, but it doesn't seem right that i can literally feel the egg BUSTING OUT OF MY OVARY. and it does NOT feel good! i won't even get into the abundance of cervical mucus.... and i'm not usually squirmish about bodily fluids, but ICK. so yeah. i ovulated today. for 20ish years i was so clueless and unaware about my body that i'd get surprised when my period started, and now i can set the clocks by my cycle. i guess this is what birthing babies does to a woman, huh? tell me this is what birthing babies does to a woman! PLEASE. i won't feel so freakish then!


Anonymous Michelle/weaker vessel said...

Not so much on the ovulation detection. Actually, my lady shit's gotten way less consistent post-childbirth. Also, I now hemorrhage like an MFer, whereas I used to have a dainty, pantyliner-type period. Sorry for the TMI. Isn't it funny how online female friendships can go from "hi" to "I ovulated today" in like 1.2 seconds?

1:51 PM

Blogger shannon said...

Oh man, I have no idea. I haven't had a period since Jan 05. I'm beginning to get a little worried like when it comes it will be the great flood and I will need to stay home for three weeks. But that's a cool trick, knowing when it happens.

11:12 AM

Blogger Chair said...

Dude, I am the 'cervial mucous' diva. Ha ha. Gross.

I SO know when I'm ovulating, I almost need a tampon. I've always been like that, though, not just after having a Spud. What has changed is that where I used to have a steady medium men. flow for 5 days then one day of trickle, I now have three days of DELUGE then two days of trickle.

Silly uterus!

2:05 PM

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