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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

with great power comes great responsibility

some days i feel like i can do anything, and say things like, "oh, we don't need to worry about summer camp for jack this year! we live in a place full of awesome things for kids to do like visit the museums at the smithsonian and the national zoo (both of which are FREE), the botanical gardens, glen echo park, the aquarium in baltimore, the washington monument (all the monuments, really), numerous nature centers, six flags, the list goes on and ON. we can go on little field trips every week, and jack and nate can spend time together, and we can SAVE MONEY. yes, that is what we should do this summer!"

and then i wake up the next day and realize I'VE LOST MY FUCKING MIND. TWO crazy boys with me ALL DAY? EVERY DAY?? YIKES. but maybe, just maybe, it will be the funnest summer EVER. i dunno. the jury's still out on this one, folks.

oh, and for the uninitiated (non-parents, parents of girls, non-comic book readers, et al), that line is from spiderman. DUH.


Anonymous Michelle/weaker vessel said...

Feelin' ya, sister-friend. I am dreading it, but looking forward to it in a way, too. We don't have the ducats for any type of long-term camp situation, so instead, I joined the YMCA. Hopefully that $68 a month or whatever will go a long way in terms of daily activities. Plus, free babysitting!

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