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Monday, May 01, 2006

so spring has sprung

it is gorgeous outside and i feel all energized and ready to conquer the world! there is the slight problem of my allergies wreaking havoc when i am outside for any extended period of time, though, which makes gardening or other nature-related activities next to impossible. but that's okay! i'm looking at the positives! dave can take care of the yard and i can set my sights on Rock-n-Romp!

the insanity of starting up 60 bugs sidetracked me, so i've been totally remiss in relaying all the exciting news about RnR this year! so, RnR::Baltimore is going on its second year, which is great, and we're going on our fifth year, but we also have some new additions to the RnR family: Memphis, Austin and -- this just in -- Canada! does that not kick ass?? Memphis had their first show last month and it was an unbelievable success, and they're planning several more this summer. my pal paige is hosting the Austin version, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be there for the inaugural Romp in july -- i'm so excited! and now i've just heard from my pal jess that she and her hub are down with doing RnR Canada-style! whee! dudes, they live on a farm. i am totally envisioning a Woodstock-type festival, with toddlers caked in mud and twirling around and playing hackysack. heh. is that not AWESOME?

if you know anyone who lives in the DC, Baltimore, Memphis or Austin areas, hep them to the awesomeness that is Rock-n-Romp! [jess, help me out...where exactly are you in Canada?] if you live in any of those areas, get your butt to a show! you will have fun, i promise. if you don't live in any of those areas: got a backyard? want to elicit oohs and aahs over how brilliant you are from all your parent friends?? want to rub shoulders with the cool, local indie bands that you never get to see?? Rock-n-Romp across the world, baby! you know where to reach me.


Anonymous supa said...

Dang ... R'n'R is posed for world domination!

4:40 PM

Blogger Alex said...

one of my return-to-DC resolutions is to finally attend an RnR show!

10:38 PM


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