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Monday, June 12, 2006


whee! i am very excited for this coming weekend, because not only is it father's day and dave's fourth 35th birthday celebration, but i've talked my awesome pals SupaMB and Mamac-ta into roadtripping with me to the totally amazing Renegade Craft Fair! dudes, this is going to be SO great. there will be a ton of cool, innovative and talented crafters and artists in one big open space! i'm actually freaking out a little, because i'm going to get to meet jenny hart (of sublime stitching fame), who was my inspiration for picking up embroidery again! i'll be a blubbering fangirl! heh. you know, i've never been to brooklyn. can't wait.

so yeah, i need this little getaway after last week. i can't even really write about last week, it was so mentally and physically exhausting... long story short, dave was out-of-town for 5-and-a-half days. i was alone with the boys. i was PMSing. HARD. it was pretty grueling, but i am proud to say that we made it with minimal bumps and bruises, physical or otherwise. i think that's all i could have asked for, really.

so brooklyn here we come! WHEE! i'm sure i'll have goofy photos eventually. any of you gonna be in brooklyn this weekend?


Anonymous supa said...

you will have several hours in which to tell us allllll about last week's hell. i'm so glad for you that it's over.

and .. his "fourth" 35th party? how many times does dave turn 35? :)

can't wait for saturday!

7:04 AM

Blogger gingajoy said...

oh, you lucky lucky bitchez. i would so dig that shit.

2:35 PM


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