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Sunday, July 23, 2006

another list!

  • i got into crafty bastards. woohoo! i wonder why i'm not obsessing over it yet. hrm. must be because i'm...
  • leaving for austin in 2 days! yeehaw! i am very excited, if you couldn't tell. it is going to be awesome. i have yet to get anything ready or think about what i'm packing, though. par for the course, people.
  • we had RnR yesterday, despite the stupid rain showers, because the supernice folks at austin grill let us use their stage! yes, i am a networking genius. heh. it was fantastic. the margaritas were cold and strong, the music was great, and there was AIR CONDITIONING. sweet.
  • i got to meet xiobhan and her cutie-pie boy beck at the RnR. i just love meeting people i know from online and finding out that they're not freaks. what? you know it happens!

so yeah. pretty good weekend, i'd say. i'm gonna be hella busy this week, so i probably won't be ablogging so much. later skaters!


Anonymous supa said...

We had an awesome time at R'n'R! Man, can Owen ever rock out.

Congrats on becoming a crafty bastard, and have fun in Austin! Give me a ring re: the fussy shirt, business cards if you can.

7:31 PM

Blogger Kelly O said...

RnR was a total blast. When we walked in and the band was playing and the kids were jumping around or hanging out in their baby bjorns and there was a bar where I could get whatever kind of drink I wanted, I actually wept a little. (Don't tell anyone, though. I have an image to uphold.) Kudos, Debbie!

10:16 AM

Anonymous supa said...

dude, GMail is fcking my shit up.

Are we on for this evening? I'll give you a call later.

2:50 PM

Anonymous xdm said...

I should have gotten my freak on! Have a safe trip to Austin and have fun! I'll be thinking of you guys...

10:01 PM

Blogger gingajoy said...

shit. why don't i live near DC so i can see that crafty bastards show. not fair. looks right up my alley too.

hopes you have fun in austin.

1:15 PM


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