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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

it's my worst nightmare come true.

yikes! so i have been negotiating with a children's boutique in michigan (i have no idea how they found me) about wholesaling some 60 bugs long sleeve tees for fall. this is my worst nightmare because i am completely inept when it comes to business dealings. seriously, i am totally naive and trusting of people and their intentions, and am probably the world's worst negotiator. i do/make things because i enjoy them. money is a nice by-product of any endeavor i take on, but i think i'm just one of those spaced out "artsy" types who has no clue how to succeed in the business world. like, if i had to do 60 bugs full-time to feed and clothe myself? holy shit, i can't even imagine! i don't want to imagine! i'd be beyond destitute. *shudder* but back to my nightmare...

i did a little research on wholesaling and the like, and i emailed the owner of the boutique a figure per piece, wholly expecting a "thanks, but no thanks" reply, but she was totally cool with it. she's picked some designs, and now i'm just waiting to find out how many and what sizes. as you can imagine, it's only taken my OCD a few minutes to kick in and repeatedly calculate the possible number of shirts multiplied by the wholesale price, as well as think about how the fuck i will pull it off if she wants a lot of them because i only have so many hours a week i get to work uninterrupted and she wants them before fall so we're talking august at the latest and what if she sees them in person and hates them and maybe i need some kind of contractual agreement before we go any further and UGH. there's more, but even i'm getting bored typing out my inner monologue. heh.

i'm excited that people like 60 bugs, and this is actually not the first wholesale inquiry i've had, just the first to (almost) come to fruition. it's just i can't ignore this stupid fear of the unknown. i have no head for business, and i have a particularly bad habit of selling myself short. it will all be fine, though, right? don't mind me, i'm just thinking out loud. SIGH.


Blogger Chair said...

Dude, I hear you and I've taken the leap an quit my job for something that's only ever been a hobby/interest at best. I had a really stressful time trying to figure out how much I thought I was worth (it's so hard when you have no reference point). I talked to a couple of other people who worked for The Publisher to get some idea and when it came to haggling over how much I was to get I was so anxious, I was even nauseous. (I hate spelling that word, did I get it right?)
Anyhoo, it looks like it's going to work out. I hope. I haven't signed anything. I occasionally think I'm going to pass out from fear of getting royally screwed. If nothing else I'm still on for joining/starting the on-line arts & crafts collective for Cool Chicks with you.

10:26 PM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

That's awesome but I can totally understand your fears. It'll all work and hopefully I can be one of your retailers one day ;)

2:40 PM


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