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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


really, wow. that benjy ferree is supernice and incredibly talented. seriously. he is so nice that he gave me his EP last night, but i wish i had bought it, that's how much he deserves to get paid for making music. oh well, i'll make up for it when his full-length comes out. so, if you're in town august 19, you'd better get your ass to RnR to see benjy play, as well as the cute, rockin' boys in greenland and the lovely laura burhenn. it promises to be a rad show. if the music world is just (ha), this kid is definitely going places.


Anonymous Xdm said...


I thought that RnR was going be July 22. It's August 19th? We're going down to the Outer Banks that week!!! Seriously?

I'm going to go cry now...

8:58 AM


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