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Saturday, July 01, 2006

want to read an interview i did?

sure you do! i must warn you, though, that most of my responses were written by me, so i sound somewhat articulate, but there are a few that came out of a conversation i had with the writer, and those sound like i'm a bumbling idiot. heh. thankfully, those responses are in the minority. so yeah, check it out at the DCist.

oh, and while i'm stopping by (bad blogger!) i should mention that the RnR Showcase we did the other night that is mentioned in the interview (the sweet flyer that accompanies the piece was designed by the one and only paige maguire) was a rousing success. i think i'm going to be helping them book more shows, so i'm psyched! not to blow my own horn (heh, right), but quite a few folks have told me that i should be a show promoter. sounds nice for the future, but i just can't fathom doing more than booking RnR and shows at the neighborhood bar right now. we'll see....


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