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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

can i get away with a list?

things and stuff:
  • jack is at camp grammy's (my mom's house) for the week. since yesterday. am i totally horrible for not missing him yet?
  • RnR is saturday. the weather was looking decent, but now thunderstorms appear to be rolling in. if we have to cancel AGAIN i will be PISSED. ugh.
  • i have 2 dozen shirts to stitch up for that wholesale order and i have yet to start one. why oh why must i be a world-class procrastinator??
  • i leave for austin to visit paige in 8 days. yeehaw! i am more excited about RnR in austin than i am about the one in my own damn yard! plus, i'm scared i won't want to come back to DC! seriously.
  • i find out this week if i got into crafty bastards. hrm. i'm actually not obsessing about it, which is odd for me. i truly think if i don't get in, i will be okay with it.
  • OH MY GOD, I'M BORING MYSELF TO DEATH. sorry. i just feel like i'm ignoring the three people who bother to check this if i don't post! heh.
  • leslie, if you're reading this, you'll like this: i told natey we were going to see baby maddox, and he said, "see beebee maggots?" i swear. it was pretty damn funny, even after the tenth time we asked him to say it.

thanks for stopping by, folks! good night!


Blogger Alex said...

Austin is groovy, you'll like it...

11:01 PM

Anonymous supa said...

OH man, what if you love austin? You'll have to come back for your stuff, right? Right?

Good luck on C.B., and enjoy quieter house.

7:01 AM

Blogger ALVenable said...

Figured I should post a comment proving that there are indeed three people who read your blog. Hehe. ;)

1:27 PM


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