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Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back, y'all!

Back from Austin, Texas and happy to see my crazy boys. Not so happy that it's fucking HOTTER THAN HELL here, but after sweating my butt off in Austin, I'm not even going to complain. There is just no comparing DC heat to Texas heat.

The Austin RnR was totally awesome and very successful, and I got to hang out with all kinds of cool internet kids like Aaron, Shannon and her husband Ant, Siobahn and, of course, Paige. It was sweet. Everyone was so cool and nice and not all creepy, which restores my faith in this whole blogging thing, you know? I mean, I know bloggers who really are nothing like I'd imagine they'd be in person, but the folks I met this weekend were as fun and funny as I thought they'd be. Nice.

I really suck at the blow-by-blow recap of events, so let's just say that there were avocado margaritas, fish tacos (the kind made with fish, pervs!), multiple stubb's barbecue trips, a morning news show interview, it's always sunny in philadelphia (you really must watch this show), lots of beer and laughing and picture taking. I spent most of the time with Paige, and I think it's safe to say that we are totally BFF now. LYLAS! 2 good+2 be=4 gotten! Heh. But everyone was seriously awesome. Y'all are welcome to crash at my house if you're ever in DC!

Oh and "y'all" is officially my favorite word now.


Anonymous paige said...


2:26 PM

Anonymous xdm said...

omg HOW can you not mention Blue Boones? And the roofies! Oh god, the roofies....

4:39 PM

Anonymous supa said...

I'm impressed that you actually came back, and didn't stay to live there forever and ever.

7:12 PM

Anonymous jess said...

I love the y'all's. I heard several come out of supa this weekend.

12:45 AM

Anonymous Aaron said...

I'm coming to visit you too Debbie. I'm so sorry I omitted you from my post! Don't hate me!

3:24 PM


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