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Sunday, August 13, 2006

damn you, internet!

you and your infinitely vast pool of resources! you and all your damned information! oh, and i might as well throw google up in there, too. damn you, too, google!

sooooo, i think i have hypothyroidism. 'twould explain a lot. now i have to go to a doctor to find out for sure.



Blogger lildb said...

hey, D. I have it. it's no big whoop, really. I mean, that is, I've been taking the prescribed meds for a few months, now, and it seems to be causing zero ripples, at this point. (although it was kinda making me crazy before the drugs started doin they thang.)

so. if you wanna discuss it with me, feel free to email me any ol' time, dude.

xoxo and a hug (because it's kind of stressful to begin with).

11:29 PM

Anonymous jess said...

hey, i just had a blood test for that still waiting the results...

1:13 AM

Anonymous supa said...

Ach, deb. Hope everything's OK.

10:09 AM


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