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Sunday, August 06, 2006

family portrait

Lee family
Originally uploaded by editrix.
taken by my awesome friend amy, who is in town with the equally awesome doug. we brunched with them today, and it was great to see how they're doing. i wish they would come to DC more often, but i do think i might take them up on their offer to visit them up in somerville, massachusetts. i've never done the whole boston thing.

big thanks to amy for taking one of the best pictures i've seen of the whole clan! we all look happy, which is the best you can hope for with these hooligans. i mean, all of us looking at the camera at the same time is asking WAY too much. seriously.


Anonymous jess said...

i love this picture! it's a perfect portrait.

12:05 AM

Blogger lildb said...

could you be any cuter? and your family? same. you're all adorable. :)

11:30 PM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

This is such an awesome family portrait!!

9:49 AM


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