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Saturday, January 21, 2006

i like the idea of a dark road...

last night dave and i were burnt out from the week and there was nothing to watch on tv, so we watched jiminy glick in lalawood. first let me say that i love martin short. LOVE him. i've loved him since the days of SCTV, which is a very long time ago, all you whippersnappers. he's truly brilliantly funny, i just think he's made some really bad movie choices. much like dana carvey, who i also think is pretty damn funny, but his movies? um, the master of disguise? yikes. anyway, i can't say that i even remember this jiminy glick movie coming out, though i did catch the show a couple times when it used to be on, and it was always good for a laugh, so how bad could the movie be? it turns out that it was really not bad. it was actually pretty funny, though i wonder who thought they needed to spend the money to turn it into a feature film, you know? my favorite part was martin playing david lynch. hilarious. he kept starting all his conversations with "i like the idea of a dark road..." while the dark highway scene from mulholland drive was shown on screen, then they'd cut to him (wearing a salt-and-pepper pompadour and white shirt buttoned up to the neck) using some lynch-esque camera angle. it was brilliant, though i am a little tired of that line running through my head all day.

ps: david lynch is fucking brilliant, too! my favorite memory of watching a lynch movie was when i was 14 and drunk (possibly high, too, but i don't remember. such a bad girl!) watching eraserhead at my friend's house and thinking WHAT THE FUCK? i recommend watching it this way. heh.


Blogger DeeJay said...

Martin Short!! OMG He IS hilarious!!! I liked his characters on SNL, Three Amigos, Capton Ron, Three Fugitives and on and on. Oh, yeah can'g forget Innerspace with Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid either!!! Thanks for reminding me.

6:46 PM

Blogger shannon said...

My fav Jiminy Glick line was from the TV show. He was interviewing Steven Spielberg and he got quiet and asked very seriously, "So, when are you going to make the big one?" Still. Kills. Me.

11:18 AM


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