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Friday, January 20, 2006

top 5 reasons i feel like a blog fraud

  1. my content is lame. now i'm not looking for validation, you 10 readers of mine, so don't bother arguing. it's okay. i may come up with an interesting tidbit from time to time, but i'm really not a good writer. now if you sat next to me in a bar, i could probably say something to make you spit your beer out, but that doesn't really translate over to my blogging.
  2. i have absolutely no interest in the technical aspects of blogging. if it weren't for this here Blogger, and it's ridiculously easy format, this blog wouldn't exist. truth be told, i DETEST technology. i don't want to know how it works. i really think i have a mental defect that won't let me, even if i wanted to. so yeah, that's why i still don't know how to link to mp3s, why i don't have cool little links to my flickr photos and other stuff, no RSS feed (okay, i'm talking out of my ass here, because i have no fucking clue what an RSS feed is, i've just seen talk of them on other blogs) -- i don't know how to do these things because it hurts my head to think about learning how! and i'm really okay with that.
  3. i don't know or read all the cool blogs. i think the ones i have managed to find in my bumbling, fumbling way are pretty damn awesome, but i'm constantly reminded of others that i should be reading. but, honestly, i can't fathom reading anymore than i do already! my ADD/OCD-addled brain will freak the fuck out! there are only so many hours in the day, dudes.
  4. i don't comment on blogs where i don't know the blogger. is it because i'm shy? i dunno, it just seems like butting into a conversation between friends. that doesn't stop me from reading, obviously, but it does usually stop me from commenting. plus, i'm an attention-whore, so if i say something i want to know that it's been heard! but these people don't know me, so why should they respond?? heh. ah, the vicious cycle.
  5. i neglect my blog. the design is boring and generic, thanks to my aforementioned hatred of technology, and my posts are sporadic, at best.
  6. i do nothing to promote my blog or get new readers. aside from a few personal friends i told about this blog, the other readers i think i have came from my friend sweetney mentioning me. they all didn't come directly from sweetney, but that's most likely the starting point. should i be promoting my blog? that's the dilemma. the few blogging folks i have connected with have been really, really cool, which makes me want to "meet" even more, but i dunno. there's the matter of time and, like i said, my content is lame. i'd probably scare folks away. heh.
  7. even though my blog is lame i still want to go to BlogHer! i want to meet the cool blogging chicks face-to-face and have fun and hang out, but i would so be the odd woman out. i'm not into lectures or discussions about blogging and all that. god, i wouldn't even know what to say! "hi. i do have a blog, but i'm here for the booze and socializing. oh, you're talking about blog syndication and how it's the future of content distribution? can you point me to the bar?" somehow that doesn't seem like what the BlogHer folks had in mind.

okay, that turned into 7 reasons. sue me. so yeah. blog fraud. i think that has a nice ring to it!


Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Ha! I could have written this myself. I've been feeling the exact same way lately. I want to go to blogher too to meet all these crazy gals but then I don't know if the blog thing goes deep enough for me and I'd just be sitting there w/a blank look on my face asking if anyone has seen Debbie and the nearest bar.

2:22 PM

Anonymous supa said...

OK. That's it. Y'all need to GO and if I have to drive down to S.S. and haul your ass to Reagan International Fucking Airport, I will do that.

Think of the drinking. Think of the talking. *warning utter cheesiness ahead*: Blogher is what you make of it, and if connecting with people and getting some validation from that is what you make of it then THAT IS ENOUGH. You should go. Besides, not all the sessions are technological. I'd wager that a lot of them are talk and debate about the very things you're talking about.

And, if it truly bugs you, you could stay at the Hyatt for that weekend without going to the conference and drink yourselves silly and still meet up with all the people you want to meet.

Second of all. You both are fascinating people -- and no, this is not circle jerk action, it's the truth -- and you may think your content sucks, but it doesn't. I check in almost everyday. You have interesting things to say. Don't be so hard on yourselves.

p.s. GO! GO! GO! please go!

2:33 PM

Anonymous jess said...

Yeah! What MB said! Totally go - i want to meet you and learn all the rock n romp secrets plus - you are awesome!

And! I read your blog through my newsreader so rss feeds are already here!

3:33 PM

Blogger ElisaC said...

Hey to echo what everyone else is saying, you should come. The Day One schedule of BlogHer is all the techie stuff. Day Two hasn't been published yet, but it'll be a lot more conversation and community-orietned. And we will sell separate one day and two day registrations.

So never fear...the pool and the cocktail parties and the cool chicks are reason enough to go.

4:57 PM

Blogger DeeJay said...



I don't know what to say.

6:09 PM

Blogger Debra said...

If you makes you feel any better... I'll be attending BlogHer. Most of the stuff the dedicated folks talk about is WAY over my swiss-cheesed, post-menopausal mind.

I may even help host a session... NOT technical... hobbies, passions, interests and blogging about it... the non-technical, non-politcal, non-mommy stuff in our lives. (like what kind of stitching are you doing?)

Or why women seem to not give themselves enough credit.

4:28 PM

Blogger Alex said...

I like the low-tech nature of your blog, but that's just me!

1:40 PM

Blogger Chair said...

Found you thanks to Jess at drowninginkids and frankly, all these reasons you listed totally make me want to go and read all your archives. If I had the time.

Seriously, though, there's nothing that makes me love someone more than seeing that they don't take themselves to seriously. Mostly because I'm a dolt and no one who took themselves seriously would have anything in common with me in the first place. Ok, I'll shut TF up now.

And! And! I dig the pillowcases you made for Jess.

11:32 PM

Anonymous minnie said...

my blog is lame, no one reads it, i am shy and plan to hide in a corner peeping out from beheath my bangs. i plan on going.

2:37 PM


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