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Thursday, January 26, 2006

hooray for magazine day!

it feels like christmas morning when you open up the mailbox and not only see your beloved real simple, but ALSO allure, jane, spin and self*! thank you worthless frequent flier miles that can be traded in for magazine subscriptions! I LOVE YOU. did i ever mention what a magazine whore i am?

*yeah, i know, what the hell am *I* doing reading self?? it was free, people!


Blogger supa said...

OMG, i am such a magazine fiend. that's what we got for xmas: discover for him and people [ultimate guilty pleasure] for me. My magazine wishlist is 800 zillion pages long.

In college I couldn't even hold a conversation if there was a cosmo in the room. i just get sucked in.

12:37 AM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

My husband bought me a subscription to like 12 mags one year for xmas and I couldn't keep up. I love them so much but I was getting buried alive especially when my favorites comes weekly.(Us Weekly - I know, how lame.)

And WTF, my Us is supposed to come every Friday and I waited and waited last night and nothin'!

2:20 PM


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