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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

executive decision

so i am not going to the Blogher conference. i've decided that with the flight, the hotel and the conference fees, and my general feeling of not really belonging there, it's money better spent Disneyland! WOOHOO! yes, we are taking the boys to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. dave has a meeting in san diego the end of march, which is fantastic because my lovely sister-in-law lives in san diego, and we've been meaning to get the boys out there to visit, but it hasn't worked out. anyway, we haven't really taken a family vacation since nate was born, and Disneyland is less than 2 hours away from the sister-in-law's place, so YEAH! DISNEYLAND! i'm really quite excited about this, in case you couldn't tell.

i must say that i am bummed about not getting to meet the awesome lady bloggers in person, but i think this is incentive to get together someday for a girl's weekend or something! i'll start plotting something and let you know about that. i know you all are going to have mucho fun and learn a lot at Blogher, so drink some booze for me. maybe do a panty raid or something. CUT LOOSE!

if anyone wants mickey ears, just let me know!


Anonymous jess said...

Oh! I'm sad. I was hoping to pick your brain on rock n romp. But, Disneyland YES! I have never been.

4:28 PM

Blogger mighty said...

hummmph, a gender exclusive outing...

not all mommy bloggers are moms, heck some of us don't even have kids!!

5:25 PM

Blogger debbie said...

jess: you are welcome to pick my brain via email anytime!

mighty: have i told you you are a nut lately? i know i've told you you're an asshole...heh. anyway, you couldn't handle all the vagina talk, i'm sure. 'cause that's all we talk about, you know. VAGINAS.

6:16 PM

Blogger mighty said...

me a nut?


6:51 PM


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