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Thursday, January 26, 2006

pancake mountain

so there's a little indie tv show for kids called pancake mountain in DC that films interviews and live performances with cool big-time rock folks. to be honest, i'm totally jealous of their connections -- i wish i could get some of these rockers to play Rock-n-Romp! anyway, this saturday i'm taking jack to a dance party they're filming with deerhoof. dudes, this is going to be hilarious. i will try to take pictures, but not sure if that's frowned upon or not. knowing jack, he won't dance, but my friend tim (he's a big deerhoof fan and just obnoxious enough to act crazy in front of strangers. i love you, tim! heh) is coming and i'm sure he'll be willing to shake it. heh. the age limit is 25, so i think he'll be able to get in the video. god, i hope so. can't wait!


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what am i your monkey??

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