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Saturday, January 28, 2006

jack and half of deerhoof

the pancake mountain dance party was great fun! jack barely danced (big surprise), but tim and i got to get up there and shake our booties with the kids to deerhoof. they were awesome. we also got to see local indie celebs ian mackaye and ian svenonius! woohoo, right?? heh. just goes to show how small the music world is in this damn town and, NO, i was not excited to see the two ians. i see them all over the damn place. i jus like to drop names. heh. oh! but i was excited to meet the guy who puts on the whole shebang that is pancake mountain, who was very nice and said that he was just on the Rock-n-Romp site and loves it, and that we were an inspiration to him and that we should talk about doing something together! can you believe it?? i can't! i hope this means that he'll convince some big indie rockers to play in my backyard! whee!


Anonymous paige said...


ian m.


i feel old and sexually aroused all at once.

8:58 AM


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