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Thursday, January 26, 2006

i am SO in love with you, kid

ever since natey was old enough to move around a bit, jack has been in his face. like IN.HIS.FUCKING.FACE.ALL.THE.TIME. he always wanted what natey had and would hover over him like a damn vulture. it annoyed the crap out of me to just watch it, so think how a poor, defenseless baby felt! i kept telling him, "dude, as soon as he's old enough to fight back, you are SO getting it." that time has come, my friends. jack takes something that natey has and natey whacks him in the face. jack hovers over nate or gets too close for comfort and nate turns around and pulls his hair. i shouldn't say this, but it is awesome to watch. hey, payback's a bitch, dude!


Blogger supa said...

heh! natey's gonna git his now.

12:35 AM

Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Haha, at least you know you don't need to watch Natey's back. Jack on the other hand might need some help.

2:18 PM


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