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Monday, April 24, 2006

fashion! turn to the left!

fashion! turn to the right! that's vintage david bowie, for all you youngsters out there. so, fashion. i haven't been paying attention to the latest trends, but after shopping a bit today, i have concluded two things:
  1. bubble skirts were never meant to be resurrected. i mean, COME ON. fucking bubble skirts?? numerous times today the design of a skirt or dress would catch my eye, then i'd have to throw it back on the rack in disgust when i saw the stupid bubbled hemline. such a shame.
  2. gauchos were also never meant to be resurrected, and really only look halfway decent on very tall, skinny people. i'll admit i had gauchos (denim, no less! with a rainbow embroidered down the side of the leg!) when i was younger, but it was the FREAKIN' 70s. we didn't know any better back then!

SIGH. you know, i'm all for retro fashions and all that, but some shit will never look good. EVER. man, i really need to bust out that sewing machine and make some clothes.


Anonymous weaker vessel said...

I KNOW! One of the greatest tragedies I've ever personally witnessed is all of the little girls at my son's grade school wearing these atrocious GAUCHO pants -- and even worse -- matching gaucho/shirt ensembles. It's like, are they all comatose or something? Do they really believe that look, which is regularly featured in the granny clothes direct mail advertisements in the Sunday newspaper, is really that awesome?*

*My assessment of gauchos should be taken with a grain of salt, considering that I do own a pair, albeit in a super-comfortable black t-shirty material that I use for around-the-house lounging.

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what is the deal with the return of the short denim skirt with black leggings underneath and the wide, wide, world of belts? i just don't get it!!

8:26 AM

Anonymous supa said...


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