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Sunday, April 23, 2006

sunday morning coming down

yesterday's craft show was basically a bust. not only was the weather fucking awful, but the only thing i sold was a set of pillowcases for one of the richmond craft mafia chicks, which she technically ordered online. so, i really didn't sell a damn thing. lots of folks took cards, which has already resulted in one order from the website, so hopefully more will follow. i dunno, i think if the weather hadn't been so miserable and mmore people had come out to shop, i would have a better attitude about it, but i still feel i need to rethink this whole craft show thing. maybe a pros/cons list will help.

  • getting your name out there
  • letting people see the stuff in person
  • meeting other cool, crafty people


  • 60 bugs is very much a niche product -- most people i saw yesterday didn't have kids or didn't know anyone who had kids
  • if no one's buying anything it makes for a really LONG fucking day
  • you usually pay to participate, so if you don't sell anything you lose money

kinda even, i guess, but i do believe that this will be the first and last time i travel to participate in a craft show. anything in DC or my 'hood, i can handle, but no more driving out-of-town. oh! speaking of cool, crafty people, i did meet a very cool woman who lives not far from me who makes awesome, funky jewelry! it's nice to know there are other crafty, geeky types out there like me. i guess that does make yesterday's excursion worthwhile. so why do i feel so exhausted and let down? hrm.


Blogger gingajoy said...

hey deb. i can see why that would be a bummer--but maybe once you've done a few you'll have a better perspective on it. when i was kid, my dad was a potter and i did the craft fair gig a whole lot. totally erratic in terms of what/when we sold. your post brought back memories of long period of sitting on a soccer pitch moaning that i was cold and bored!

Big Audio Dynamite? YES! (must dig them out--also on cassettee.. sheesh)

My Jack is also a complete hellian these days. Am not enjoying hearing my mother's words spew from my mouth.

Thanks for the comment on my blog--u and i are on the same wavelength. a few weeks back you told Sarastic Journalist to use Weissbluth. Yes yes yes!!! (and he DOES have research)

10:32 AM

Anonymous Urban Baby Runway said...

Bummer, sorry about the craft fair. I'm sure it'll generate traffic though if a lot of cards were handed out. And now you know...At least now you are ahead of the game w/products already made, no?

10:00 AM


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