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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dude, we're right next to john doe!

okay, so this photo is not so great, but still! we're standing next to punk rock icons john doe and exene cervenka! awesome.

we got to bust a move with the legendary band X for a pancake mountain dance party at the 9:30 club today. it got off to a rough start, as we were waiting outside the club for over an hour in the oppressive august heat, but it ended so well, i'm not even going to bitch about that. jack and nate danced their asses off! it was hilarious, and all the girls were in love with them. heh. unfortunately, it was hard to capture the brilliance of their dancing in pictures, but i'll be sure to pimp the pancake mountain dvd when it comes out. the lee boys are sure to be in it, showing off their mad dancing skillz. well worth 15 bucks, i'd say! heyyy, i think i've found the perfect holiday present for friends and family! heh.


Anonymous Editrix said...

I just don't see how anything could be cooler!

6:13 AM

Anonymous Tracy Lee said...

Hi - I'm the webmaster/photographer at Pancake Mountain. I couldn't be at the X show (so I didn't get to shoot it) but I'm posting what pictures others took of the event. Could I post a couple of your photos (with credit, of course) on the PM site? email me tracy at


10:30 AM


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