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Thursday, August 17, 2006

sweet, sweet shellfish

how i've missed you so!

jack is allergic to shellfish, among other things, so we do our best to stay far away from the tasty critters on our dining out excursions. it's really not so hard for us, but i do have to remind the grandparents to skip their weekly red lobster fest when he's visiting, which he happens to be doing right now. he's with grammy and grampy for a couple of days, and it is doing wonders for my sanity. repeat after me: 10 more days until school starts! YAY!!!

last night we threw caution to the wind -- we don't know if natey's allergic to shellfish or not -- and went to legal seafoods. natey munched away on corn on the cob (his new favorite), cole slaw and rice, while dave and i indulged in oyster po'boys and lobster rolls. oh my god, it was good. really, really good. SIGH.

i know it's silly, but i feel like we're cheating on jack.


Anonymous michelle/weaker vessel said...

HA! Too funny. Mid-life, my mom developed a shellfish allergy that makes her suddenly sprout huge Nutty Professor lips if she so much as glances sideways at a shrimp, and it nearly robbed her of her will to live. I envy you relatively-close-proximity-to-the-coast types, because OMG, I love good seafood with a white-hot passion.

5:44 PM


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