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Friday, August 25, 2006


Originally uploaded by workforidlehands.
so when jack is eating something good (ie: candy, cookies, anything with massive amounts of sugar) he makes this face. this picture doesn't even capture the rapture (hey! band name! heh.) he's feeling. to be honest, it creeps me out. oh, and makes me laugh, of course.


Anonymous jess said...

cute, but creepy in an i see the future kind of way..;)

10:50 PM

Anonymous michelle/weaker vessel said...

That is TOO funny. Better batten down the hatches, 'cause it looks like you've got an extremely sensual one on your hands there. That pic reminds me of one of my nieces, who is in the habit of describing extreme love for food as "makin' love." As in: "Dad, I'm makin' LOOOOVE to this pork chop." Crazy little beasts.

10:15 PM


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