it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Monday, February 28, 2005

you can see how he gets away with being a whiner

heh. i'm experimenting with the whole posting photos thing. so those 2 photos below of nate are on the camera with the "wha??" one first and the "heeheehee!" one right after it. this is how much of a dork i am: i'm sitting here clicking back and forth between the 2, laughing hysterically because he's so damn cute and i love the expression change. god, what did we do before digital cameras??



i feel like a dumbass

for not getting hilary swank's autograph when i had the chance! damn it! i guess it was almost 4 years ago and dave and i were in nyc on a trip away from the babe. the trip was first and foremost a work gig for dave, but we extended it to include some relaxation. anyway, we were set up in the very nice le parker meridien, and i was hanging out in the lobby one afternoon waiting for dave to get back from a work thing, when i noticed ms. oscar winner swank milling about. she was dressed very casually -- track pants, big down jacket, those godawful soccer slides you wear with socks --and going around pretty much unnoticed. the first thing that struck me was how short she was! seriously, i think she was like my height, which is 5'3", or maybe a little bit taller. maybe it's because she's kinda lanky, but she always looked tall to me.

so boring story short, i seriously considered asking her for an autograph, because i'd never been 2 feet away from an oscar-winning actor before, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. i dunno, i'm just not that kind of person, y'know? and it's not like i would keep it forever and cherish it or anything. honestly, my first thought was, "how much could i sell it for??" hey, paying for freakin' montessori isn't cheap! heh. and now... NOW she's a 2-time oscar winner! can you imagine what that autograph would go for now?? damn.

what's your damage, heather??

substitute nate for heather, and that's been the question of the day around here. it's a little scary to admit, but i think natey has inherited his mother's *complaining bitch* gene, and it's not pretty. what does he have to complain about?? i change his diaper, feed him, play with him! no, i think he just likes to complain. and i am getting payback in a serious way.

please tell me i'm not the only geek who remembers lines from heathers.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

now playing

doris henson - dark time for the light side of the earth

my excellent friend kim sent me a pre-release copy of doris henson's new cd, entitled 'give me all your money', and i have to say i'm digging it! YAY for new music that i probably never would've bought for myself because i have an unshakeable fear of buying something that sucks! the few times i've bought something i've never heard have not been pleasant. *shudder* it sucks when a cd just sits on the shelf collecting dust, mocking you for believing some stupid review you read! even worse is when you buy a cd because you hear one song you like, but then the rest of the songs are lame. i hate when that happens.

Friday, February 25, 2005

PRESSURE! pushing down on me....

pushing down on you....what? you don't like david bowie and freddie mercury together?? i'm a sucker for that catchy bassline vanilla ice ripped off. and natey bounces around in his highchair like nobody's business when it's on, so i *have* to play it.

so the pressure i'm talking about...this blog kinda freaking me out. only two people have read my introduction, and already i'm feeling performance anxiety! what do i write about next?? but more importantly, i can't decide if i should tell people about this thing. i mean, i hadn't really decided if this was gonna be all diary-stylee, talking about everything going on with me and my days, or just random observations on life, blah blah blah. hmm. guess i'd better figure that shit out. my one goal so far is not to bore the crap out of people. umm, guess i'd better move on, eh? nothing to see here! new, more interesting post to come!

yes, i am neurotic. you'll get used to it.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


wow, i feel like i'm totally jumping on the blog bandwagon, which i suppose i am. fuck it! i've got something to say! heh. i guess introductions are in order? i am a 35 year old mother of two (holy shit *I* still can't believe it sometimes) boys. jack is 4 and nate is 11 months. they are my life, and what i devote 95% of my time to. yes, just 95%. i am a selfish bitch like that. i also have a fantastic husband, dave, who totally supports my choice to stay home with said boys, and only bitches about the lack of housework that gets done 2 or 3 times a week. small price to pay, i say, especially since i get to watch daytime TV! whee! no, i kid. not about the housework, but the daytime TV. my days revolve around nagging jack to hurry up and get ready for school, soynut butter and jelly sandwiches (poor guy's allergic to peanuts, among other things), corralling natey so he doesn't crawl into the fireplace, furiously scouring the internet while nate naps (my link to the outside world!), playing games, reading stories, making dinner, giving baths, collapsing on the couch and visiting all my friends i've tivoed, going to bed. no, i didn't *forget* about showering. some days i just don't get to it, okay?? so yeah, not a lot of housework going on there. but that's okay. i love the chaos that is my family, my house, my life. come back and you can read about it.