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Monday, August 22, 2005


jack's first mohawk


Friday, August 19, 2005

good news first

nate took three completely unassisted steps today. THREE. i had my back turned, but dave saw it. this makes me so happy that i don't even care that i missed it.

the bad news isn't really news, exactly, it's more like stuff that doesn't make me feel good? does that make sense? i was in the basement earlier working on the excavation effort to find things for our massive yard sale and i came across a giant box of clothes. a giant box of my clothes. a giant box of my clothes that i love and would love to wear if i could just squeeze my ass into single-digit sizes. SIGH. then i found a few different batches of jack's old clothes separated by size. man, he's not even 5 and the kid has gone through so many wardrobes already! i found 18-24 month stuff, 2T stuff and 3T stuff. the bizarre thing i noticed while sorting through the pieces is how similar his current wardrobe is to what he's worn in the past -- freakishly so! it would seem that i have some weird predilection for dark and stonewashed jeans, heather grey long sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, cargo pants and anything (Ts, sweats, pants) in shades of army green and camouflage. seriously, there was basically one of everything off that list in each size. I AM A FREAK. heh. i'm not quite sure what to make of this compulsion! i guess i just really really like those things? i dunno. i've always tended to stray away from the really bright and colorful children's clothing, preferring to dress him like a little person rather than a little kid, and that definitely limits the choices. oh god. even worse, i just realized that i tend to buy dave the same kinds of things! heh. what can i say? i like my boys to look like indie-rockers!

top 10 things to be happy about this week

1. minimal PMDD drama - sure, i've lost my shit a few times over stupid stuff, but this month the anger seems a little more controllable. oh, the crying over songs and commercials and TV shows is a little annoying, but i'll take that over seething rage anyday.

2. a perfectly lovely fort reno closer last night - my pals metropolitan played a great set for the last show of the season, only slightly marred by the goofy teenage kids who ran up to the front of the stage to jump around, do flips and act like idiots. i don't mind goofiness, but it was obvious that they didn't care so much about the music, which made me cranky, uhhh, i mean crankier. heh. but teenage idiocy aside, the weather and music were quite spectacular.

3. vegas, baby! - my friends jenn and tim are getting hitched in las vegas in october, and I AM GOING. whee! dave can't go for various reasons, but I AM GOING. oh, and i just found out that my dear friend lucia can go with me. yes, it's married girls gone wild in vegas time! heh. truthfully, i'd really like for dave to be able to go because the only time we've been in vegas together was for our own nuptials, and that was an exhausting whirlwind of an affair -- we didn't get to see or do much besides get married. we've talked about a 5 year anniversary trip, so i guess we can wait another year. so VEGAS! WOO-HOO! god, this is going to be a trip fraught with jackassery. i can't wait.

4. big, wet, open-mouthed kisses - it's probably a little perverse how much i enjoy natey giving me kisses, but i can't help myself! it's so goddamn cute and sweet and i just want to eat him! he'll even do it if you ask for a "smooch." fucking adorable.

5. panda baby - speaking of delicious babies, OY. i want to to grab this baby and throw him in a baby sling and hug him and squeeze him and tote him around all day! yeah, i'm a little crazy when it comes to the panda babies. heh.

6. RnR encore - blame it on debbie lee will be making an appearance at Rock-n-Romp::Baltimore! be there or be square!

7. pseudo-drive in movies - as it would seem that outdoor movies are all the rage around here (on the national mall and at the strathmore), downtown silver spring has decided to take the plunge starting next week -- friday they're showing ET!

8. jack-at-work-day - dave took pity on me and has jack at work with him today. trust me, jack was totally psyched to go, so it's not like i banished him from the house or anything. the quiet is NICE.

9. free stuff from friends - dave and i have started to get serious about a budget, as this stay-at-home/one salary thing is getting a little more difficult with preschool tuitions (jack's current and nate's future) hanging over our heads. we've decided to cut down to the most basic cable set-up because, let's face it, cable is fucking expensive! then, as if by magic, sweetney gives me a free netflix trial -- i thought that was awfully sweet, if not oddly fortuitous. now we are anxious to embark on our how many movies can we watch in 30 days?? marathon. thanky, sweetney!

10. kind words - i will admit that i'm still a little freaked out by nate's assessment, but it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who thinks or knows that he's going to be fine. thanks.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


so candy and marie from the montgomery county infants and toddlers program came over this morning to assess nate's eligibility for early intervention services. yes, i said candy. this is the visit we've been waiting for since june, when we found out that natey was a little behind in things. candy is the special educator and marie is the physical therapist. i'm not going to go into all the wondrous educational things they had in their big bag of tricks to test natey's development, or how they took note of all the minute details and nuances in natey's behavior while not appearing to do anything more than play with the adorable baby. i'll just get down to the brass tacks, okay? to be eligible for the completely FREE early intervention services the county offers (i was just telling my friend that the fact that this is available makes me feel like i live in another country -- another cool country, and i'm not talking about weather), the child must be experiencing at least a 25% developmental delay in one of the five major developmental areas. nate's physical development, as far as gross motor skills, was assessed to be on par with a 12-month-old. his speech and language development was assessed to be at an 8-month-old's level.

yup. he's eligible, all right. SIGH.

these women were so caring and patient and loving and were really impressed with natey's abilities in other areas, and made me feel like it was just a matter of time before he was completely on track with his age group. thank god. it's not going to be easy -- we're really going to have to work with him on this -- but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. i can't imagine how i would deal with a more serious developmental problem. seriously, i am the most impatient person i know, and while i'd like to think i'd be able to offer the utmost patience and support needed to help a child with serious delays, i have to be honest with myself. it would take all my energy to stay focused and keep my impatience and frustration in check. i think it might be impossible. am i totally horrible for admitting that?

what happens now is that we set up a schedule of visits (4x a month) for the special educator to come and work on his speech and the physical therapist to come work on his walking. we've got a list of goals and expectations to work toward, and a reassessment will be made in 6 months to see how he's doing. man, 6 months sounds like a long fucking time, doesn't it? but it will be here before we know it, as all time flies when you're having fun and raising children. heh. it's cool, though. we're gonna do this and get through it just fine. you know, i think he's just lazy like his old mom. that's okay, though. we're gonna do this together, nate! in 6 months i'm going to be begging you to sit down and shut up. heh. mom's never happy, is she?

Sunday, August 14, 2005

all geeked up

yesterday's romp was AWESOME -- check the Rock-n-Romp blog for details and photos. yes, it was HOTTER THAN HELL, but it didn't matter! the yard was at maximum capacity, and both kids and adults were kept happy by ice cold beer and sno-cones. not to mention the beer sno-cones! heh. i also got the bright idea to set up the sprinkler in the front lawn between sets so the kids could cool off, so that helped a lot. some frisky adults joined in the wet fun, as well. it was honestly so fun, i think everyone forgot how fucking hot it was. i know i did.

so blame it on debbie lee was a smash hit! that's the band that my friend bill (of jawbox and burning airlines fame) helped put together to play this month's romp. i really cringe at being such a namedropper, but as someone who has been around the DC music scene for almost half my life (fuck, i'm OLD), it's pretty damn cool to be involved in a music project with someone like bill. he's toured the world, people! and the drummer mike used to be in shudder to think! i know i sound like a geek, but i remember seeing shudder play when i was a teenager. yes, that long ago. yikes. i loved them. then there's kim and mark, both excellent musicians, who make up the rest of the band -- they call themselves the blames. they play in kim and mark's basement once a week for fun -- all covers and no intention of playing out, even though they certainly could draw an audience. needless to say, i was honored to be playing with such talented people.

it was interesting singing in front of an audience again -- i was actually nervous! heh. since our set was all kid-oriented songs, i was kinda worried that we wouldn't be able to hold the kids' interest. plus, i didn't want the blames to feel like they'd wasted their time! but i acted like enough of a spaz to get the kids into it. heh. oh, and can't forget the sticker bribery! we also had the mini blow-up guitars and microphones -- it was hilarious and adorable. our big finale was a song called up and down, and i actually succeeded in getting all the kids up onstage to jump up and down and play air guitar! it was so awesome. both the kids and the parents loved it. in fact, a ton of people came up to me afterwards to say that we should record a kid's album. heh. they didn't know that we didn't write any of the songs! it was so much fun and so well received though, that i wonder if i couldn't get the blames to do it again. it's fun to pretend to be a rockstar. heh.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks....

over the weekend my sister-in-law chris was visiting from san diego, so we decided to catch the Nats vs. the Padres at RFK. our baseball loving friends jonathan and dianne met up with us, and much fun was had by all. the reason i love going to baseball games is because it combines three of my favorite things: people-watching, unhealthy snacks and beer. who cares about the game??this was my first time seeing the Nats and, unfortunately, they've got a killer losing streak going and ultimately lost 3-2. jack certainly didn't mind, and refused to leave until the game was over, such was the fun we were having! heh. he even started rooting for the Padres at one point simply because they were winning. heh. such a fairweather fan! at least he's honest. and he was good. not to mention cute. witness:

jack and jonathan: Nats fans to the bitter end!

so what if the Nats are getting spanked?? hot dogs and ice cream! woohoo!

i guess there's a slight chance we could get a flyball up here....


[insert sound of homer-like salivating here]

i just found out the other day that cakelove, a DC-based bakery, is opening in my 'hood. i'll admit i had mixed feelings seeing the sign, though i was mostly excited. downtown silver spring has become chock full o'commercialization these days, with the requisite starfucks and chick fil'a and panera and potbelly and chipotle, and while i'm certainly guilty of patronizing those places, i do try to support local, independent businesses. and i do as much as i can! but convenience goes a long way in my current day-to-day life, and it only takes me 5 to 10 minutes to walk downtown where the starfucks and, now, cakelove are located. BUT! i will not sacrifice quality just so i can support the little guy, even if he is within walking distance. what can i say? i am a bitch. and so i am torn about cakelove. i want to be their best customer, i really do! but the memory of a certain cupcake is holding me back...

in yet another six degrees of separation:DC-style episode in my life, i'd heard about the owner and his cakes from friends of mine who had met him before he opened the place, and also had the chance to sample his wares. it was thumbs up across the board for his cakes, and since i love baked goods (probably a little too much), it was cool to know of a local person to get in touch with if i needed a cake for a special occasion. well, shortly thereafter we moved to the 'burbs and, much to my annoyance, the cakelove bakery opened up mere blocks from our old place. bastard! i had always lamented the fact that there was no good bakery in our 'hood! but i was excited for the neighborhood to have such a place and intended to check it out as soon as i could. months later, dave, jack and i happened to be in the old 'hood for something or another and came across cakelove. there were rows of huge cupcakes in the case -- we'd hit the JACKPOT! i have an unnatural love for cupcakes, and still reminisce about the birthday cupcakes i'd had as a kid. sure, they were from a mix, but they were perfect in my eyes -- moist, sweet, the ideal size with just the right amount of creamy frosting. YUM. what's not to love about cupcakes? we snatched up three yummy-looking ones and set out for home. well, i couldn't wait to get home to try them, and gobbled one up in the car with great anticipation. verdict? MEH. the cake was a little dry, which i can usually handle, but the frosting! crappy frosting is something i just can't tolerate! it was really thick and kinda hard and just NOT RIGHT. maybe it was a fluke? i never went back to find out.

yesterday the DCist had a blurb about cakelove and the owner's foray into television -- he's doing a show on the Food Network. the writer goes on to say that many, himself included, are surprised that cakelove is getting such recognition, mainly because the shit just isn't that good. in the comments section it's apparent that he's struck a nerve with a lot of people! heh, i'm glad to know i'm not the only one disappointed with those cupcakes! but i will take the advice to let the frosting soften up a bit before partaking -- makes total sense, though i'm definitely not known for my patience. we'll see if i can actually wait 10 minutes!

i want to like cakelove. i want delicious cupcakes 5 minutes from my house! sigh. that would be heaven. i'll give them at least one more chance.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

blogger's remorse

i just finished reading that last post and i'm feeling kinda shitty about portraying jack as some evil demon-child. he's really a good kid -- anyone who knows him will tell you so! i think this recent spate of bad boy behavior is just him testing the boundaries and showing us what fucking slackers we've been about discipline and setting a good example for him to follow. heh. yeah, it's pretty embarrassing to see myself in him when he's pissed about not getting his way -- like looking in a mirror! it's still funny, though. so he's been kinda bad lately, but he can be pretty damn sweet, too. and smart and funny and goofy.... i do love that number one son of mine. now if he'd just shut the hell up once in a while. heh.

communication meltdown

the last few days have been a little trying at our house. okay, they've been trying for me, notsomuch for everyone else. i kinda feel like i'm off my game, so to speak. the routines, the expected behaviors, the comfortableness in knowing what comes next have all gone out the fucking window. and i feel like i'm losing my mind.

jack has taken up the particularly annoying habit of NOT SHUTTING THE FUCK UP. seriously, he has to talk ALL THE TIME: when i'm on the phone, when i'm in the bathroom, when i'm reading a story, when i'm singing a song to natey. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. the only time he doesn't want to talk? when the TV is on. of course. but even though it would be so damn easy to switch it on and have an hour or two of quiet -- as quiet as it can be with natey around, anyway --i refuse to let him watch anything more than sesame street with nate and me. why torture myself this way, you ask? oh, i guess i forgot to mention that jack has become SATAN. okay, maybe SATAN'S SPAWN. and i'll be damned if i'll let the backtalking, whining, bratty little bugger numb his brain with his favorite drug of choice! you wait till your old enough to buy your own dimebags, kid! he has become rather insufferable lately, and i'm not quite sure what to do, short of maybe binding and gagging him! hmmm....

it would appear that jack has inherited his mother's hot temper. oy, it pains me, but i'm sure i've had this coming for a while now. if he doesn't get his way he turns into a shrieking banshee, frothing at the mouth and kicking and punching any and all inanimate objects in his path. the shrieking and the frothing i can handle, but the punching the wall shit? uh-uh. NOT cool, dude. even when he's on his way to his time out corner, he'll punch the chair, the couch and, if nothing else is around, crouch down to punch the floor. then he'll get to his corner and punch the wall. what to do?? i have no idea. giving him another time out seems a bit excessive -- he's already standing there for 5 minutes, and i just don't have the time or patience to physically make him stand there another 5. i threaten him with taking away favorite things like snacks and videos and toys, but he doesn't seem to care. and, to be perfectly honest, following through on these threats SUCKS ASS. ultimately, i'm the one punished, because hanging out with an almost 5 year old acting like an asshole because he can't have fruit snacks or ride his bike is NOT FUN. i know, i know, it's my responsibility as a parent to teach him what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and no one said it was always going to be fun. yeah? well, FUCK THAT. i do believe that i'm teaching him just fine, there are just days when i'm sick of being the bad guy. or as jack would say, bad lady. sigh.

so, not sure where i'm going with this. it's been a tiring few days. jack has been difficult, but still manages to keep his precocious charm.

jack: mom! mom!

me [in the middle of making lunch and entertaining nate]: yes, jack.

jack: mom! remember in the herbie movie when the man blah blah blah blah blah blah.....

--the truth is that jack can go on and on and ON about something and i'm not always able to follow. i do try to, but there are instances when i'm occupied with something and i can't. this is one of those times--

......blah blah blah and then the guy in the cowboy hat says, "what the HELL is going on here??"

me: what?? he said what?

jack: "what the HELL is going on here?" or something! [cracks up laughing]

me [trying not to laugh but failing miserably]: jack, kids don't use words like that. and i'm pretty sure that no one in the herbie movie used words like that, either.

jack: okay, mom. [we both crack up laughing]

heh. more proof that i have no business being a role model. good times, people, good times.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

so i'm a little slow

but i'm still learning to navigate my way around this blogosphere! better late than never, i say. anyway, i just found this blog, which is probably going to become my favorite. YAY FOR SHOPPING!


where do kids learn this? at the table this morning, nate started whining and fussing so i tried to distract him with lovey-dovey talk.

me: awww, i love that little face, even when it's whining!

jack: yeah, and i love his little ears -- they're so cute!

me: and i love that little nosey....

jack [voice getting louder]: and i love his cheekies!

me: and i love his pretty eyes...

jack: WELL, I LOVE HIS WHOLE BODY!, i guess you got me there, kid.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

a glimpse into my future

nate woke up from his nap today a bit cranky because his room is so damn hot. i don't know what it is about that room, but even after closing practically all the vents in all the other rooms, it's still steamy! poor little sweaty guy. we went downstairs to rehydrate and he notices jack napping on the couch -- this is not a regular occurrence because GOD FORBID a 4 year old take a nap every day, even though he sorely needs one, but that's another story. anyway, nate's latest attempt at communication is to point with his middle fingers (i SWEAR i am not making this up. he occasionally uses his index finger, but he definitely favors the middle finger. hey, don't look at me. heh.) at whatever catches his eye and grunt: "UH. UHHH. UH..." so he's sitting with me pointing with middle fingers and grunting at jack on the couch, obviously not happy about his brother's totally uncharacteristic stillness and quietness. i guess it's let's mess with jack! time, everyone! heh. i plop nate on the floor and he makes a beeline to the couch where jack's back is facing him. another of nate's favorite pastimes lately is smacking the LIVING SHIT out of us. seriously, he has hit dave and me in the face with the kind of force that hurts LIKE A BITCH and makes us forget that he's a baby so we get really really FUCKING PISSED OFF. but only for a second, of course, because he's smiling that adorable smile the whole time, and how can you stay pissed off when looking at that face? DAMN, that shit hurts, though. anyway, you can see where i'm going with this. nate wants jack to wake up, so uses the only tactic sure to work: smack his back as hard as he can. am i totally evil for thinking this is funny? i only let him do it once, and jack was actually a good sport about it. well, at first, anyway. after enduring repeated nudging and UHing, jack finally turns around, grabs nate's arm and yells, "GET.OUT.OF.MY.FACE!" i laughed my ass off. nate promptly smacked him in the face.

can you just imagine the tween and preteen versions of these two?? i know it sounds crazy, but i'm actually looking forward to those years. heh.

Monday, August 01, 2005

get your motor runnin'.....