it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Thursday, September 14, 2006

so! ummm, yeah....

long time no blog! you know, i'm not even sure why i'm writing this. i guess because just letting the blog slip away without saying goodbye is too "unfinished business" for me. nobody likes unfinished business. so yes, that's right, i'm ready to call it quits here in blogland. life is just too busy for me to play around here anymore, and that suits me just fine. the bummer is that i barely have time to check out all your wonderful blogs anymore, either! i promise to still check in and comment when i get the chance, though. i really do like you all. very much, actually, which is probably the main reason i've stuck around this blog-thing for so long. i still may get it together enough to start a craft blog someday soon, but i'm making no promises. holy hell, this is rambly. sorry. i'm actually pretty sick -- sinus infection-type thing -- and feeling miserable. ugh. but at least i get to sit down long enough to write this final post.

so thanks for being my blog friends, peeps. hey, i still want to get a blogger's retreat going with some of you ladiez -- maybe next year? i guess i'm technically not a blogger anymore, but we'll bend the rules for me. heh. it'll be like blogher, but only with people you actually like and want to hang out with. no classes or panel discussions, just fun and booze and no anxiety! yeah, that would be rad. doesn't that sound rad? let's start talking about it for real! who's in?

that's all i got, folks. thanks for checking in on me and what i'm doing. i'll be around if you want to email me.

xo debbie